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It took a while, but the underlying premises of this site has culminated in a purposeful short ebook! In the book I explain how international law works in a way that is accessible to any interested reader. Every section talks about one area of the law in a 1000 words or less, and therefore readable within minutes. I bring back each part of international law back to its incomplete essence, in the most objective way possible. But I also explain up front what my own view is of the international legal system as a whole, because no lawyer is free of values or assumptions about the world.

In the book the following subjects are discussed:

  1. The S-word
  2. It’s all about them States (and self-determination)
  3. Jurisdiction: the scope of State power
  4. Above the Law?: State immunity
  5. Above the Law?: Immunity for individuals
  6. Who is what international law
  7. World government?
  8. Making international law
  9. Treaties galore
  10. International Law and National Law
  11. Human rights
  12. You and me in war
  13. Crime and punishment
  14. Settling disputes without guns
  15. Holding States accountable – part One
  16. Holding States accountable – part Two
  17. Going to Court
  18. Prohibiting war
  19. …except in self-defense
  20. …or when the UN okays it
  21. …or when states want to do so anyway
  22. The Future of International Law

The book is perfectly suited for students, journalists and everyone who wants to understand the world around them a little better.

You can pre-order the book here from any Amazon site! This post will be updated when the book is also available in other formats and for other platforms.

UPDATE: Now also availabe for pre-order for the Kobo e-reader in .epub format here!

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